As “Argesys Electronic Industry and Trade Inc.”, we were established in 2017. We are making production and R & D in 3000 m2 6 storey building in Ümraniye Şerifali, Istanbul.

Work Routine

4 Steps for Best Results



Listening and determining your needs. That's where the concept begins. Without understanding what you want, we can't provide what you need.



Where does the good idea come from? No doubt the experience is important here. Because experience is valuable when you are open minded to new ideas. As Argesys we build the path to solution by brainstorming.



We started as an R&D company. This makes us different than our competitors. Our clear view of experiment reduces our error margin, in a sense. Because we know that experience is gained by those who are not afraid to make mistakes.



We always aim for the highest standard of total quality and it is essential for us to deliver in due time. At this point, we rely on our experience and application phase is where we draw away.